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Check your
own website

Search is an ever more important component of your own e-shop. You can offer all the products in the world, but when visitors cannot find what they're looking for, they will not buy anything. Do you have any idea how good your own onsite search engine is? We've constructed a small check list for you to assess the quality of your search engine.

do a search check

Search like
Google does

904Labs brings the full Google-experience to your website. And it is super easy and fast. Using our Search-as-a-Service solution we add a layer of intelligence on top of your existing infrastructure. No need for major changes or complicated implementation projects. Pricing is on a pay-as-you-go basis with 30 days free trial!

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Search like
Google does

Your visitors are used to searching with Google. Google helps them, understands them, and delivers the right results quickly. As soon as visitors use the search engine on your site, they expect the same experience. Unfortunately, even the simplest search queries often do not lead to good results. Let alone when visitors use long, difficult, or awkwardly formulated queries.

904Labs brings the full Google-experience to your website using easy-to-implement Search-as-a-Service solutions.

904Labs' search engine is self learning. This means that the engine learns from the behavior of your visitors and improves itself continuously. Visitors are assisted in formulating their query using the intelligent search bar. And as site administrator you get the best dashboards with real-time insights in what is happening with your search engine.

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Learn from your visitors

Your visitors know better than anyone which results are relevant. We put this knowledge to use by making the search engine learn from your visitors what is relevant.


Every visitor is unique and has her own way with words. Our search engine automatically learns to assigns synonyms to products.


For certain search queries products from a particular category are more important than from others. The influence of categories is taken into account to deliver even better results.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language has many forms. Our search engine understands this language and provides the correct results. After all, "wooden shoes" and "wooden shoe" are similar.


Category pages are really search result pages without explicit search query. The query is the category that the visitor is exploring, and the results are the products within that category. As with search results, we optimize product listings per category to maximize your revenue.

Self learning

Which features are important in listing products per category? Is it recency, price, popularity, whether the product is on sale, or are there other factors that play a role? We learn the optimal listing based on your visitors' behavior.


Each category is different.
The ideal product listing differs per category, which is why we learn the optimal listing on a per-category basis.


Our product does not only help your visitors. Our real-time intelligent insights are also beneficial to you, as administrator of the webshop. Only few e-shops have access to their search statistics. Our search-specific dashboards give you the competitive edge.

Search queries are the most explicit feedback you get from visitors. Why not use it? Stock is partially determined by demand. The explicit demands from the search box can immediately be used to improve stock management. Or do you want to push a product using Adwords? In that case it is useful to know how people find this product. Statistics show which search terms led to the product and you can use these in Adwords campaigns.

Our features

Intelligent search box

  • Spell checking
  • Typeahead
  • Category suggestion
  • Product suggestion

Intelligent results

  • Free of maintenance
  • Continuous learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Automatic category boosting
  • Faceting and filtering

Intelligent categories

  • Optimize category pages to maximize conversion
  • On a per-category basis

Intelligent insights

  • search analytics
  • search quality (clicks, conversion, revenue)
  • trends
  • successful and failed searches

Our clients

VidaXL VidaXL

About VidaXL

VidaXL is a fast-growing Dutch e-commerce site with presence in 28 countries. For their site search, VidaXL relied on a manually optimized Apache Solr, maintained in-house.

Due to a rapidly growing catalogue and ever increasing visitor volumes, VidaXL felt the need to improve the search functionality on their webshop. We have integrated our self-learning search engine on top of their existing infrastructure to improve search result quality.

Our services

904Labs continuously improves the search results on VidaXL with our self-learning search engine, which is built on top of VidaXL’s own Apache Solr. Search results have improved drastically, resulting in a 4% increase in revenue.

We're currently working on integrating our smart search box on the Dutch site, as well as getting the intelligent results into the French site. This way, we're working towards a full integration of our services.

Finally, VidaXL uses our search dashboard to gain insights into search behavior. These insights are invaluable for marketing and stock management.

+4% revenue

Our pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of searches.

  • Small
    100,000 searches

    €500 /month
  • Medium
    500,000 searches

    €1,500 /month
  • Large
    2,500,000 searches

    €4,500 /month
Each of the above works for: Existing Lucene-based search engine (Solr, Elasticsearch) / Multiple markets / Multiple languages.
A search is the sequence of entering a query and moving to the next page (e.g., search results or a suggested category).

What do I get with each package?

what do i get.
Search box
  • Spell checking
  • Typeahead
  • Category suggestion
  • Product suggestion
  • Query segmentation
Self-learning search
  • Continuous learning, no re-training
  • Query understanding
  • Automatic category boosting
  • Automatic synonym extraction
  • Faceting and filtering
Self-learning categories
  • Learns to optimize category pages
  • Learns over categories and filters
  • Hierarchical and flat categories
  • Custom dashboard
  • Search performance
  • Trending searches and products
  • Successful / failed searches

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