A.I. for Search


For your customers

Your visitors want the best results. A.I. for Search optimizes product rankings based on what people really want to find. We give your visitors a forgiving, easy-to-use search engine, one that takes into account synonyms and spelling mistakes, and offers typeahead, category suggestions, and product suggestions.

For your CMO & CFO

A.I. for Search increases conversion, revenue, and profit by optimizing product rankings towards these KPIs. Our clients have seen revenue increases up to 40%! No CFO would take a pass on that.

For your IT & analysts

Integration is easy and risk free. A couple of API calls and you're ready to go. A.I. for Search builds on top of existing search infrastructure like Elasticsearch and Apache Solr, so no need to replace backend systems. Also, there's no vendor lock-in: unplugging our service takes you right back to where you were. Search analysts no longer need to turn knobs and push buttons to optimize individual queries. A.I. for Search optimizes your ranking over all queries, in real time.

how does it work

Revenue machine

Search technology has seen massive developments in recent years. Search is no longer simple term matching, but it is about combining hundreds of relevance signals in real time. And it does not stop there. We can now learn search engines to show exactly those results that maximize your profit and at the same time optimize customer satisfaction. Your search engine becomes a revenue machine!

At the base of 904Labs A.I. for Search are advanced learning to rank algorithms based on reinforcement learning. These algorithms allow the search engine to continuously learn from your visitors' behavior.

To teach a machine to optimize a product ranking, we need to tell it what a good ranking looks like. And who better to ask than your visitors? They know what they're looking for, and we can use this knowledge to train our machines. A.I. for Search has built-in methods to interpret feedback from your visitors, so it can learn with every query in real time. The objective for our machine learning algorithm is to achieve optimal revenue or profit. Even for new, unseen products.

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Learns from visitors

30% of your visitors use search. These searchers are 4x more likely to convert. A good search engine helps these visitors find the right products, so that they purchase the products and come back for more later. 904Rank learns to combine hundreds of relevance indicators with every click and optimizes product rankings to maximize conversion and revenue. And it does so free of maintenance.

Understands language

Natural language has many forms. 904Rank understands natural language. It deals with plurals and it figures out adjectives and diminutives to improve search results. And 904Rank auto-magically extracts synonyms from your visitors' search behavior to enhance product search.

Supports multiple languages

904Rank and our other features are data-driven. This allows us to support any language you might have in your e-shop. Currently, we run on Dutch, German, French, and English sites.

Understands visitors

Visitors use search to find products in categories. They search "laptops" and your e-shop may have hundreds of products that match such a query. What do your visitors really want to buy? Understanding your searchers' intents is at the core of successful search solutions. 904Sense understands what your visitors really want and informs 904Rank about these intents. 904Sense improves conversion rate by more than 15%.

Identifies visitor intent

Without knowing a visitor's intent, it is difficult for a manually-tuned search engine to select the right products. 904Sense monitors your visitors' search patterns to learn intent trends. It tracks which product attributes are most useful and makes a rough selection of products.

Constructs knowledge graphs

In the background, 904Sense is bootstrapping a knowledge graph from your inventory and keeping the knowledge graph up-to-date using visitors' search behavior. It is the first commercial system that bootstraps custom knowledge graphs directly from your inventory.

Optimizes categories

Many of your visitors like to browse around. They just want to see what is available in a particular section of your e-shop. How do you decide what to show them first, which product shows up on top? This is what 904Browse solves for you. We optimize the category product listing to maximize conversion and revenue. No more sorting by alphabet or recency, but get those products to the top that actually sell and generate profit.

Solves sorting

Sorting by alphabet is almost random. By price means you either scare people or sell cheap items. By date might push popular items down, and by popularity pushes new items down. What is the best sorting option? 904Browse combines all features automatically by learning from your visitors.

Learns per category

Each category is different. For shirts, people might be looking for the latest additions, but for smart phones the average rating might be more informative. The ideal product listing differs per category and that is why we learn the optimal listing per category.

Personalizes results

Your e-shop visitors are unique. 904Rank and 904Browse optimize rankings over all your visitors, but we can do more. 904Personalize allows A.I. for Search to promote products that are relevant to a known visitor, or to the customer segment to which she belongs.


Personalization is complex. Visitors have particular interests that influence product rankings; a traveller expects different results for "Java" than a programmer. But visitors also have specific needs or preferences that are product specific; a visitor might be into the fanciest, latest, and most expensive gadgets, but at the same time not care one iota about clothing. 904Personalize captures personalization at all levels and informs 904Rank about which products to promote.

Search analytics

We do not only help your visitors. Our 904Analyze real-time search dashboards are beneficial to you, as e-shop owner, marketeer, and search analyst. Only few e-shops have access to their search statistics. Our search dashboards give you the competitive edge. You can immediately see which queries had zero results, or which queries do not convert. Information upon which you can act!

Search queries are the most explicit feedback you get from visitors. For free! So why not use it? Stock is determined by demand. The explicit demands from the search box can immediately be used to improve stock management. Or do you want to push a product using Adwords? In that case it is useful to know how people find this product. Statistics show which search terms led to the product and you can use these in Adwords campaigns. Do you have additional wishes? Let us know, and we'll add them to the dashboards.

Our features


  • Optimizes product rankings
  • Maximizes conversion and profit
  • Is free of maintenance
  • Learns from your visitors
  • Processes natural language
  • Supports facets and filters
  • Speaks any language


  • Understands visitor intent
  • Adapts in real time to trends
  • Matches intent to products
  • Boosts relevant categories


  • Checks spelling
  • Offers typeahead
  • Suggests categories
  • Extracts filters
  • Suggests products
  • Speaks any language


  • Helps your browsing visitors
  • Optimizes category product listing
  • Maximizes conversion and revenue
  • Works on a per-category basis


  • Promotes personal results
  • Learns product attributes
  • Constructs interest profiles


  • Shows overall search analytics
  • Plots search quality
  • Lists failed and successful searches
  • Informs your Adwords campaigns

Our clients

BookSpot BookSpot
+38% revenue
+34% conversion

What we do

For BookSpot we provide 904Rank and 904Sense. With 904Rank, we continuously improve the search results on and with our self-learning technology, which is built on top of BookSpot's own Apache Solr. Using 904Sense we automatically understand searchers' intentions and match these to matching products.

During a three-week A/B test we've shown a 38% improvement in revenue and a 34% increase in conversion rate compared to the in-house Apache Solr search engine. This shows once more that adding A.I. to your search engine really makes a difference.

About BookSpot

BookSpot is one of the largest online book specialists in the Netherlands and Belgium, with an estimated yearly revenue of 15m euro for the Dutch part. For their site search, BookSpot relied on a manually optimized Apache Solr, integrated into Intershop.

Maintaining and optimizing a search engine manually is costly and difficult. BookSpot took the opportunity to add A.I. to their site search. We have integrated our A.I. for Search on top of their existing infrastructure to improve search result quality.

Our prices

No hidden costs, you only pay for what you're using.

  • Small
    100,000 queries

    €500 /month
  • Medium
    500,000 queries

    €1,500 /month
  • Large
    2,500,000 queries

    €4,500 /month
A.I. for Search builds on top of your own Apache Solr or Elasticsearch and is monthly terminable. That means no vendor lock-in!
You can even try A.I. for Search for free for one month to convince yourself of its added value!

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