February 1, 2016

MIT grant with CTcue

We've been awarded an MIT grant for R&D collaboration with e-Health startup CTcue worth €170K. CTcue offers intelligent information access to electronic health records (patient files), an area closely related to our field of expertise. Being part of the same incubator, we've shared many thoughts before officially joining forces in this MIT project.

Information extraction

Practically, 904Labs helps CTcue develop algorithms that turn noisy, free-text electronic patient files into structured information by extracting medical and temporal concepts from texts. Bringing patient files to a conceptual level allows easy and quick access, for example by filtering on diseases or symptoms. The project contains tasks on data anonymization, followed by the extraction of medical measurements and detection of medical concepts. These concepts are then organized by finding associations between them, and reconstructing the patient’s medical history.

904Labs and CTcue MIT grant

The project started at the beginning of 2016 and will run until the end of the year.