About 904Labs

We are an Amsterdam-based Artificial Intelligence company offering next-generation search engines to e-commerce sites. We are a no-nonsense company, turning scientifically proven methods for onsite search into efficient, fully-functional, and easy-to-integrate solutions.

Our Team

  • Manos Tsagkias Manos Tsagkias

    Our creative mastermind. A true data enthusiast with a PhD in predictive user modeling.

  • Vasco Visser Vasco Visser

    Our coding and infrastructure genius. A critical thinker with an MSc in computer science.

  • Michel Simons Michel Simons

    Our business shaper. Owns MSc's in sociology and in public administration.

  • Wouter Weerkamp Wouter Weerkamp

    Our natural-born problem solver. A multitasker with a PhD in search technology.

  • Vacancy You?

    We're often looking for people. Check the job openings or simply send your resume.

Get in touch!

We love to drop by and tell you all about our self-learning search solutions and how they can benefit your organization. call +31 85 303 7256